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punto forma is a luxury brand which presents an evolution of all designs people’s passion. We offer a wide range of unique and artistic product characteristics which represent Art and Creativity. Highly aesthetic product collections of punto forma Tiles enable you to express creativity while adding distinct touch of individuality.

In recent years, the company expands the collections to various materials, which combine the value of design and the charm of craftsmanship, each piece of the product is made to give an extraordinary impression.

Collaborating with renowned designers from various backgrounds of architecture, art, fashion design, product designers and photographers, they are born with different unique stylistic expression creating design and art such as Sunaryo, Sukendro and Jeffry Sandy, Yuni Jie, Sally Koeswanto, Jerry Aurum, Artli, Anton Ismael, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Iriantine Karnaya, Ahmad Djuhara, Era Soekamto

With a touch of punto forma Tiles, it will make any rooms not be an ordinary place anymore. It’s the creative element that assists individual to the evolution in the signature venue.